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21st Century Enterprise Architcture

Enterprise Architecture Context

  • The primary focus for Enterprise Architecture is the Enterprise as a single integrated entity; and its Realm.
  • Enterprise Capability is either limited by or empowered by the quality of its Enterprise Architecture.
  • Enterprise Architecture development is not unlike the Architecture for a master planned City Center or Town Center; it has multiple components but one Alignment Plan.
  • Enterprise Architecture is multi-dimensional: form, fit and function.
  • Enterprise Architecture effort is an investment in Enterprise Capability.
  • The Enterprise Architecture result is a long term foundation which leverages Data/Information, Integration, and Engineered Work Systems.
  • Enterprise Architecture Design is independent of Technology; the next technology wave or another hot programming language will not materially affect it.
  • Technology Architecture alignment is dependent on Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Value Opportunity

  • Enterprise Architecture and the follow-on changes including building enterprise enabling assets will yield a high ROI.
  • Accurate, whole, reliable, accessible data - across the enterprise  - is a powerful asset for the business; and for smarter, more intelligent systems.
  • Dollars and effort can be shifted to building enterprise assets instead of enterprise liabilities with a continuum of additional expenses and unnecessary problem solving.
  • Data Assets and Software Assets present the opportunity for reuse on a wide scale; yielding reliability, responsiveness, and accuracy with lower long term complexity and costs.
  • See "Value Targets"