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Solutions Architecture Principles

With Clean, reliable, accessible data, intelligent situation rules, the impact is powerful enterprise solution capability.

  •        Begin with the required data sources:

Assess data quality, reliability and availability first; every solution begins with the data and knowledge you have to work with:

·        No solution possible, per data assessment

·        Limited solution possible; is it worthwhile or advisable?

·        Solution possible if we can solve the data problems

·        No data problems; do it, anything is possible

Otherwise, business solution architects start working in a hole;

·        Try to tighten up data quality at point of capture

·        Develop a Data Propagation (HUB) system, taking data from disparate sources and reconciling, translating and standardizing to see if it can be useful.

·        With un-integrated, unreliable data:  show data to a user and let him or her figure things out, and then store something from the user.

·        Data Propagation in operational systems introduces another problem; data out-of-synch with the system of record.  The affect is the solution may work but unknowingly produce occasional incorrect results; therefore a business risk.

·        It pays to integrate and standardize at the enterprise level in the first place.

  •        Learn To Build Reusable, Enterprise Assets; not project only functions

·        Enterprise Services: Business Services, Data Quality Management Services, Data Access Services, Staging Services, Aggregation Services

·        Design a capability that is broader than the local project problem of the moment

·        Use any of the rich business data that you need, it is all at your disposal

·        Any rule that is needed for any decision that you are executing, you can have

·        Expand your capability horizon; cover any situation you may need to cover

·        Work smarter to create and apply assets; not harder and faster to deal with and create more liabilities.