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Value Targets

*Value from re-investment is achieved by achieving strong Enterprise Wide data quality and with reusable software components and data structures.  This chart is based on personal real experience with mature implementations, industry benchmarking and capability comparisons.  It is a generalized representation.

Re-investment dollars are those used for upgrading legacy information systems or supporting business requirements changes.

Target Metrics:

*     40 to 50 % reduction in application and data management costs; also reducing some storage, network and hardware costs.

*     100% enterprise data quality:

o   10 to 20 masters and standardized relationships; not a prolific explosion of disparate code and data stores (agile)

o   reliable, accurate, trustworthy, complete, accessible

*     100% reusability of data quality services

*     80% reusability of data centric application function services

*     10 times business capability, and intelligent, accurate systems

*     100% integration of applications, business operations, BI; with respect to data

*     Rapid adaptation to most business change, at low cost, low risk and no regression (maintaining integration and quality)

*     Enhanced business capability, including ability to absorb acquisitions

*     0 interfaces and 0 data propagation and 0 building hubs

*     0 dollars on ETL

*     IT “value add” productivity will increase 10 times

*     IT responsiveness will be remarkably faster by working with available assets and much less complexity

*     Enterprise Governance capability is greatly enhanced (10x); problems and complexity greatly reduced (5x)